Monday, January 12, 2009

Still time traveling... September 2008

Moving on to September... not as much... but still good stuff...

Apple picking! That is something that has now become a yearly tradition for us. This photo is from our first time this season, which was Labor day. Fortunately this year the apples were bursting off the tree (unlike last year) and we found an awesome orchard that is fairly close. Though it was drizzling rain that day, we still had fun. They had a new apple called Sweet Sixteen which was very sweet and VERY good.
Ethan's fist day of preschool. I was really nervous about how this would go since during orientation the week before he spent almost the entire time with his head under my sweater. Yes, he was basically attached to my body, with his head under my sweater and his hands holding it tightly around his neck. Sigh... However as you see, when the first day came, he was very excited! As I was getting everyone up, dressed, fed and ready (which was interesting), Ethan kept telling me to hurry. Then he reminded me of everything we needed - paperwork, lunch, backpack and monkey. He was a big helper.

They were to bring a favorite toy to share and he chose daddy's monkey from when he was a little boy - Mumpket Jr. You'll also notice his lunch box, which he picked out himself - Superman - no surprise there! : )

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Tricia said...

Going to preschool picture is sweet. Why on earth would he pick a Superman lunchbox??

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