Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Still time traveling... December 2008!

I'm going to just give you all a big gimme right from the start...
Go ahead... laugh... we did! Funnier yet if you click on it to enlarge and get the best view. The only people somewhat happy with this photo are Lauren and Santa! It was a rough morning... the boys, as it turned out, didn't feel well. Oliver, our 'I LOVE any and all people' child, freaked out (thus the blanket) and the other two boys look like they... well... you can see for yourselves. To add to it, though we got there very early and were only the sixth family in line, Santa was 20 minutes late and the line was about...oh... 60 families long! Needless to say he walked into a mass of stressed out parents (which included me) who had used every tactic they had to occupy their children. I can only assume that this also stressed him out because he was just about anything but patient with our family... and poor little Ethan who was trying to form his thoughts (not fast enough for Santa) on what gifts he wanted. Jolly old elf he was not! In the end though, it's a funny photo for laughs throughout the years! Ha!

This is a photo from Ethan's Christmas play at preschool. They are singing a song in this photo. It was pretty cute. Ethan was so excited about it that he asked me every morning (for three weeks!) if it was the day of his play.

Collin and Oliver just chilling and reading some books a couple days before Christmas...

Christmas Day!!!!! You'll find out quickly, if you haven't already, that we have not been able to get all our children looking at the camera (or the vicinity) AND smiling at the same time. Each group shot is one of 50 (at least) in attempts to get the perfect shot... and well, it ain't gonna happen here folks! This was after all presents were unwrapped. I guess two smiling and somewhat looking is good... right? Check out that cheeser smile on Collin!!
Another attempt later in the day with Grandma Dee... and two VERY tired twins!

It's a bird... it's a's Super E...defender of justice...and here to save the world! Or as he tells us - "Just doing my job!" Ethan in his new Super E costume from Grammy Dee (which he was sporting in the first blog post of him singing - though it was a different day).

Collin and Ethan just relaxing Christmas day on one of the twins' new bean bag chairs.

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Tricia said...

I can't even imagine trying to get all of them to look at a camera and smile. Jonah won't even do it and he is the only one...Hannah is constantly looking at the camera and smiling waiting for her brother. Great pics thanks for sharing. T

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