Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The big FOUR!!!!

Ethan Alexander's fourth birthday… seriously, how is he four already?!

We had two parties this year, one small family party on his birthday (Nov. 29) and then a neighborhood party the following week. The theme was Rescue Heroes (for both), which are a line of action figures that Fisher Price used to make but discontinued (though daddy knows where to find all this stuff). They are just every day heroes – firefighters, police, construction workers, astronauts, life guards, etc. Ethan’s favorite is Billy Blazes (yes, they all have fun names like that) the fireman. I was able to get a local cake shop to do a likeness of a few characters and it turned out very cute. Here is the one from his family party:
Billy Blazes is the guy in the middle, which Ethan insisted on having for his piece.

Ethan with his best buddy Isaac (his cousin).
Here are some photos from the neighborhood party. Since the theme was Rescue Heroes I called the local fire station and police station to come to his party (I found tips on-line that said they do this sort of thing all the time – and what do you know, they do and enjoy it as well). Of course, it ended up being the first snow of the year and it was quite a snow fall at that! The following day it warmed up by 20 degrees, all the snow melted and it was beautiful… but we plan for outside activities and we get a blizzard?! They all had fun…even though they were freezing!

The firemen were super nice (and super cute, um... not that I noticed ... Krissy pointed it out, yes, it was Krissy!) They let the kids crawl all over the firetruck and gave them fire helmets. Here are some of the kids in front of the firetruck:
The policeman was late due to all the calls regarding accidents (because of the freak snow!), but he was so nice to still come. He let Ethan sit in his seat, pretend to drive, turn on ALL his sirens (there are a few and they are very loud!), turn on his lights and all sorts of other things. It was very neat! He put Ethan up on his car for the photos - which Ethan thought that was great!

Here are some photos of what turned into snow play after the fire truck:

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Tricia said...

I'm jealous! I want the firemen and police to come to my birthday party. That is cool! I will have to remember that for JP. He loves it when he gets to see the fire engines or cars. I love the pic of Ethan and Isaac.

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