Sunday, February 1, 2009

PBA Watch Out!

Ethan was invited to a bowling birthday party Saturday. This was his first bowling adventure ever, as a matter of fact. He did pretty well... only ran down the bowling lane once... of course it only takes once to learn that lesson the hard way (it's slippery and he went down hard on his bottom.) For the most part, his preferred method was to sit on his knees and push hard... but he threw it from a standing position a few times too. (guess who forgot her camera and had to use the camera on her phone???!)

I was feeling a little stress and guilt over the fact that we have never taken him bowling, mostly because I found out that out of all the kids he was the only one who hadn't. So, I set up a mini bowling lane in our hallway (welcome to my special brand of crazy mom.) Ten round wooden blocks and the twins' 5 lb medicine ball put us in business. Surprisingly it DID actually help him prepare!

On a side note... if you are wondering how long one game with eleven kids (ages 4-7) lasts - the answer is TWO HOURS (and that is with two active lanes!!) That is NOT the cake and present part... NOT even the getting shoes and balls part. That was the time it took for them to BOWL one game with two lanes active... and also, if you are wondering... the machine is not sensitive enough to detect balls rolled as lightly, nor thrown as softly as theirs were (once they made it to the pins the momentum was gone) so you must have a designated 'reset button pusher.' But... it was fun... and definitely funny... and we might do it again... in ten or so years...

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