Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Back to time traveling... Homecoming 2008...

Back to time traveling... now to October 2008, specifically Oct. 11th.

Here are some photos of Lauren and her friend Brooke at their first homecoming! Yes, only 14 year old. Yes, we know they look beautiful. Yes, we're wondering where the years went and how we got here too. Yes, we are worried! : )

They got ready here and I was lucky enough to be selected to do their hair. Now, you all know I like to do that kind of thing but I have to tell you when it came down to it, I was a little nervous. I mean they were high school girls now and this was a big day and I didn't want to screw it up! They told me they wanted spiral curls. No problem, any of us who were teenagers (or early 20's even) in the late 80's know what spiral curls are and how to make them (or pay lots of money for perms for them - but that's a different story!). But then she says, "you know - beach wavy." "Um, beach wavy???" I say. At this point Brooke is laughing (presumably at me) and Lauren is launching into specific details. At the same time, sweat is gathering on my brow - more pressure! So, we did a test area on Brooke's hair, they liked it and wala all was great (1 1/2 hours later - they have a lot of hair)!

Most importantly, they had a great time!

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Tricia said...

She does look beautiful and I can definitely wait for Hannah's first homecoming....I am hoping that time stands still for a little while. Think it will?

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