Thursday, January 8, 2009

Life in the blog lane...

Wow, I think I have just jumped head first into the 20th century... I'm blogging!! What, we're in the 21st century?! Sigh...

I guess I need to start in present day, though I have six months of photos to share with you! I may add them here (and let you travel back in time with me), or I might just load them to Shutterfly albums and email them to you. There are some good photos over the last six months!

So, I'll just start with some recent funny video from Sunday. This is Ethan in his new Super E outfit from Grammy Dee (less the mask and gloves which he had removed moments before) singing on his new keyboard (I had to record it, it was too funny). I am not sure where the lyrics came from or the fact that he is now Super Grumpy Bear (he loves Care Bears, among many other things)... we just let Ethan be Ethan. Of course, I do know where the dance moves came from... and it starts with a D and ends with a D and has a A in the middle (or is it an "AHHHHH" - when you see the moves... or maybe it's a HAAAAA!?!). :)


1 comment:

Tricia said...

He is too cute and I love that he wants to be a rockstar. He can use the cape as part of the show. : ) Oh and those dance moves.....all you know who.

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