Thursday, January 15, 2009

Still time traveling... Halloween 2008

Now we're up to Halloween 2008!

The kids were as follows:

*Ethan was Captain America (complete with shield)

*Collin was Pooh Bear (fitting since he is a big pooh bear)

*Oliver was Tigger (fitting since he came out bouncy and in constant movement... and remains that way even to this day)

*Lauren went in pjs with curlers in her hair (though she and her friend Claire helped us pass out candy, then went to the movies) - Claire was a goth person - which she normally is not

Here are some photos of the kids in costume:
We went with the neighborhood kids (less one family who had other plans). Here is a photo of most of them:
This photo (above) cracks me up because it depicts the twins perfectly. Oliver has a big smile and is like "oh boy, this is going to be fun!" and Collin has a concerned look like "what are you doing to me?!" Ha!

The twins visited just our court and then I took them home to Steve for baths. : )

Also, so you know that I am not a complete child abuser - Ethan did dump out all his candy and sort through it lovingly. I told him that he could pick out two pieces for the next day, one for after lunch and one for after dinner. He picked twizzlers and smartees (I know, no chocolate??!). The next day after lunch he ate the twizzlers, and thoroughly enjoyed them - for those of you who haven't been around Ethan eating a cherished sweet, he is quiet, focused and in pure Nirvana (as Grammy Kathy says). But by dinner, he forgot about the other piece. As a matter of fact, he forgot about it altogether for like a week (and I wasn't going to remind him - would you?!)! By then, dad and sissy had eaten most of it (of course Ethan doesn't know that... shhhhh!). Now, again, I have loosened up... check out this donut he got on Halloween night (which is why I really didn't want him to have a piece of candy that night... and he was fine with it)! Krispy Kreme! Oh yes, a pumpkin raised donut. No creme in the middle, just the frosting on top. Look at his face... says it all. : )

By the way, I FINALLY figured out how to load the photos so that you can click on them (within the postings) to see an enlarged image (a better view) of the photos. So, you should be able to click on any of these images to do that.

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Tricia said...

Don't think I had seen a Captain America costume before. Thanks for the pics and update.

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