Saturday, January 24, 2009

Another Ethanism from the nether region...

Krissy told us that there was yet another story of Ethan's, similar in nature, that was her favorite and that we should include for the laughter of all. Okay, is it sad that so many have favorite stories of Ethan's surrounding this subject??! Ha!

This story is from a year ago. Ethan came downstairs after his nap and at the time Steve and I were busy with the twins. They were still in the more hands-on, high maintenance stage and Oliver still had eating issues then as well. At any rate, since we were tied up with them, we forgot to change Ethan out of his pull-up and into his underwear (this was the just recently potty-trained period). About a half hour had passed and Steve realized this. He said to Ethan, "Did you pee pee in your diaper buddy?" Ethan replied , "Just a little bit, but I can live with it."

Check out the Elvis lip!

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