Friday, January 9, 2009

These feet were made for running!

Oliver just started walking a couple weeks ago. Well, maybe four weeks ago now, but it was a few steps, then he would fall, then crawl (at lightening speed... seriously if I took a photo it would just be a little blur of a body!). But right before Christmas he really got good at walking and it became his preferred method of traveling! And now, well, he can practically run! He also squats, turns, and all kinds of fun tricks.

Below is a video of him when he is just getting started walking (the Sunday before Christmas) - I didn't notice until after I was done that his pants were falling off (he's so tiny everything falls right off his hips! so it's some pretty good walking considering!). One cute note about Oliver, when he is playing or walking or whatever, he will come up to you at random moments (frequently) and lay his head on you and gently pat you with his hand... then off he goes. So, at the end of this video, he comes up to my legs, lays his head against them and pats me (you can't really see it but that is what he is doing). Cute huh?

Now, Collin is still not walking though at least showing some interest now. The physical therapist said that she thinks he will be walking by the end of the month (he tends to run a few weeks behind Oliver in gross motor so far).

In some ways it's easier to have them walking (at least thinking back to when Ethan was a baby) but in some ways I am SCARED... VERY SCARED! Three very mobile young ones? Um... um... hmmmmmm. : )

OH... and this is an overall disclaimer (for all posts now and future!)... we have three young kids and our family room looks like romper room... so please forgive any messes you might see in photos and video!

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