Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Present day concerns...

"Back and with a vengeance..."

My intent for this site is to chronicle the kid's lives and help extend out to family and friends we don't see often... okay, and to hopefully make you laugh in the process as well!

However, today I am having a hard time posting what I intended (and that I prepared last week in my free time so that I could keep up with this blogging thing!) because I received some very bad news from a friend. Today, I think I want to deviate and reach out to all of you in a different way. I want to ask all of you to pray, send good thoughts, and hold my friend (Jennifer), her husband (Jeremie), her almost two year old son (Darren) and most importantly her three and a half year old son (Matthew) - whose cancer just found its way back into his little body - in your hearts and thoughts.

I shared this story with many of you last year. His chemo treatments ended in August 2008 with his Stem Cell Rescue (transplant) in July - right after his third birthday. He has progressively been recovering, seemingly doing well and looking great. In an MRI today they discovered that there was a new tumor - cancer - and that it had also spread to his spinal fluid this time - "back and with a vengeance." Tomorrow morning they leave for Disney, thanks to the Make a Wish Foundation (I am so glad they decided to still go. I hope their visit to the Magic Kingdom is truly magical!). Next Wednesday he has another MRI, but of his spine this time to determine the extent. After that, it looks like radiation at the James (Children's is not equipped for that).

Matthew the survivor at the Relay for Life in June 2008

Matthew this last Christmas 2008 - looking fabulous!

I am, we all are, devastated by this news. How can I help? What can I do? I guess that brings me to this post and maybe a way I can help... maybe a way you all can help too... never underestimate the power of prayer and good thoughts. Embracing people we may not even know, yet who need us so badly, in our hearts and thoughts. Here is Matthew's website.

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