Wednesday, December 30, 2009


We took the boys to the wildlights at the zoo tonight. We were a little worried since it would keep them up extra late, be cold and very crowded, but they did really well. Ethan happily hopped around (which was no small feat given the amount of layers he had on) the zoo taking in all the lights and sights. The twins only had a few minor meltdowns, but otherwise were very happy and engaged (which trust me is not always easy to accomplish with twin two year old boys).

Ethan seemed to really love all the lights - there were more than I remember from the last time we went (a couple years ago). The twins even really seemed to enjoy the lights - or "ights" as Collin calls them. My personal favorite were the lights around the pond set to motion while the Carol of the Bells by Trans Siberian Orchestra played. Very cool.

Photo with flash (washed out the lights, but you can see the snow falling and Ethan's huge smile)

Other than the lights, the first favorite thing was the snow. Specifically catching it on their tongues. Ethan started it and then his mini me, Oliver (he likes to do everything that Ethan does), followed. Even Collin was smacking his lips, pretending to eat the snow that fell in his mouth.

The second biggest hit of the night was the almost full moon. Collin spotted it and keep pointing and yelling "mmooo n! mmooo n!" At one point, when the moon went behind the clouds, he said "mmooo n wherarou?" (it's hard to find the spelling of the way he pronounces things). It took me a second (and him repeating it several times) to realize that he was actually saying that. Really, it took a mommy to know as Collin's speech (because of Apraxia) is very hard to understand (most of the time they aren't words anyhow). This was a sentence! Holy crap! A sentence! The "where are you" all ran together like it was one word and the tone of this voice fluctuating during the sounds is what tipped me off... that and his obsession about the moon all night. Fabulous event!

The other really cute thing was something Oliver said. On our way there, Steve said my name - Wendy (which is not uncommon of course). For some reason Oliver picked right up on it and said "Wendy. That's my mommy. Wendy is my mommy." It was so cute. (maybe you had to hear it, but trust me it was stinking cute!)

A perfect way to end this Christmas season!

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