Thursday, December 10, 2009

Only three more to ride in the fast vehicle with flashing lights...

Yesterday afternoon I received a call at work that I am guessing no one wants to receive: "Steve is being taken to the hospital by squad." (don't panic, he's okay, read on.) After my initial reaction of "WHAT?!!!" Steve's co-worker, Bill, says "it seems maybe his back gave out. He's doubled over in pain and can't walk. I offered to drive him to the hospital, but he told me to call the squad." Okay, anyone that knows Steve knows he is not a "call the squad" kind of guy, in fact, too often he doesn't go to the doctor when he should period. Also, keep in mind, the hospital is just a few blocks away from where they work. Just a few blocks. But yet he still wanted the squad called. Needless to say, taking all that into consideration, I was a bit panicked - your mind can go funny places when you are faced with news like this (and as it turns out Steve's mind had went to the same place as mine).

When I got there Steve was in excruciating pain, I know not only from him saying it but from how he was acting (which was a way I have never ever seen him act). Pain that came back after some pretty hefty meds were given to him through his IV... we're talking five minutes after they gave them to him... same excruciating pain was back. Needless to say, the said hefty pain medication injections kept right on coming for quite some time until the pain was manageable. The wait, like any ER was long and much of it was on a bed in the hall in front of the nurse's station (fun, fun!).

Five and a half hours later, the results said that it looks like Steve will be giving birth to multiple (as in lots and lots of 'em) kidney stones in the next seven to ten days. Do you think it's the right time to joke about how he'll now get to experience childbirth like me? Hmmm... maybe I'll save that for later...

So, now, for those of you keeping track... in the last two years, three of us have had to be transported in a squad (and until two years ago no one had been in one). First, little tiny five week old Collin when Ethan accidentally tripped over my leg and fell/sat on Collin's head - I was instructed by the pediatrician to call the squad (he checked out fine... I could have used some sedation though). A year and a half ago when I broke my right elbow bone clear off my arm at the Relay for Life walk (BEFORE I even started the walk). And today. Only three more people in our family left to get this thrill. Okay, it's definitely not a thrill at all. And I am hoping it stops here. Do you hear me family?! NO MORE SQUAD RIDES! No more!

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The Kothe Clan said...

So glad to hear he is ok. I am a little behind in my reading! My husband has had an ambulance ride. I could not ride with him so I missed it. I hear it is a bumpy one.

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