Monday, December 28, 2009

Poor little O

My poor little Oliver has had a rough couple days. Christmas Eve's eve and Christmas Eve he was not feeling well, just irritable, runny nose, couldn't sleep... just miserable.

On Christmas he seemed to be feeling better, well... if only he didn't have that head trauma in the morning. While I was upstairs and Steve was un-boxing items for the boys (after all the presents were unwrapped), Oliver walked right by him, up to the stockings and yanked one off. That would be the metal, extremely heavy (I am not kidding, it has to be close to 10lbs it seems) stocking holder as well as the stocking itself - definitely more than he bargained for. Steve only heard the thud of it hit the tile and Oliver's cry, he looked up too late to see what exactly happened. Oliver had a scratch and a quickly rising bump over his right eye as well as a gauge right above his hairline, that, as you can guess as with any head would, was very... well... ewww. Fortunately, it did not require stitches (though I think I asked Steve about fifty times, one right after the other if he was sure we didn't need to go the hospital) and he recovered quicker than Steve and I. All of this happened, of course, moments before Grandma Dee (another set of eyes) arrived. You know, we waited until Christmas Eve after everyone was in bed to even put the stockings up so as to prevent this exact incident... so how do you suppose we forgot to take them down immediately after they were emptied? The guilt... I will say though, the swelling went down by the next day and the cut looked a lot better too. But still, the guilt...
Then the day after Christmas his virus, which we thought was better, hit his eyes. And on top of that, he developed either an allergic reaction or yet another gift of the virus because he developed hive like bumps that spread from his face to his feet throughout the day. Thankfully Amy, Steve's sister and nurse practitioner, was here during this time to look at it. Actually, she ended up being on-call for me since she was only there during the breakout around his left eye. I called her later for advice when the red blotches and hive like bumps creeped all their way down his body, but still in patches (thank you Amy!). We gave him benedryl and that seemed to help some. They really didn't bother him, just us. He did sleep well and had about half the bumps the next day. We are still not sure what they are, but I suspect the virus.

Needless to say, poor little O had a rough couple of days... but lots and lots of extra love and kisses.

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