Sunday, December 6, 2009

The neighborhood bash

Saturday we had Ethan's neighborhood (and cousins too - Ethan insisted his "cuzinds" be there) birthday party. Since we were having sixteen children ages two to seven, we decided that structured activity would be good. The kids made their own mini pizzas, decorated door knob hangers, had cake and ice cream (with toppings for them to put on their ice cream), opened presents and played. I couldn't have pulled it off without the help of all the moms and Steve to pass things out, assist with activities and keep track of whose was whose. Too many kids, too small a space.

A family room full of kids (and this is only some of the kids):
Door knob hanger decorating:

I also made super hero masks for them, which Steve helped to cut out and tie the elastic. In most of the photos they have them pushed up on their heads - in case you were wondering what those are.

I think everyone had fun... the house looked like everyone had had fun and Ethan was happy. And we only had one major issue, as Aaron said "It rained in Ethan's basement!" (the toilet clogged and over flowed without us knowing... on the hard wood floor... out the door... for the first time since we lived here... and leaked through to the basement.) Oh well, what's a party without a little drama right?

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