Friday, December 4, 2009

The big FIVE

Ethan officially turned five on Sunday. I can't even believe it's been five years. I often look at him and think of my tiny little baby... my first born... and the love I felt instantly when I met him... before I met him even. I can't believe how big he has gotten and how fast. How much he knows, how his personality has developed (and how funny it is), the things he says, the stories he tells, the way he blesses my life each and every day. I pray often for time to slow down so I can thoroughly enjoy every single moment of him growing up and not miss a single thing.

For Ethan, this has been a big birthday. For some reason he has been acutely aware that he is the last to turn five of his neighborhood friends and even behind his cousin. I am not exactly sure why, nor is he, but it really bothered him and he spoke about it often - to me, to the neighbor moms, to his teachers, to Ms. Erin, etc. So, Sunday, he was very happy to turn five. He also announced to me, and his friend Andy later in the day, that he could now have a sleep over because he was five. I am not sure where that magic milestone (five and sleepovers) came from, but he is convinced that these two things happen together. Fortunately he didn't insist on one that very day, because I am not sure Steve and I are ready for sleepovers (been there, done that, know what happens... for girls at least).

As big a day as this was to him, he just wanted simple. Go to Panera for lunch (and a pumpkin muffin of course) and play with his new toys. So that he did.

Happy birthday my little E! I love you whole, whole bunches!

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