Monday, December 7, 2009

Ornery, ornery child

Random things done by Collin in the last couple weeks.

  • While I was standing in the kitchen doing the dishes, I caught a glimpse of Collin running by... completely nude except for Ethan's knit batman hat on his head.

  • Collin loves a centerpiece I have on the living room coffee table... loves to destroy it that is. I have been trying to hang onto it as I loved it once (when it was full and beautiful), so the other day when he was starting to mess and pick at it, I told him firmly "NO!" He looked at me, stuck his index finger out and then moved it toward the centerpiece stopping just shy of touching it... all while looking me right in the eye and wearing a huge ornery smile. He did it several times. I think he loves messing with me as much as that darn centerpiece. (again, he's barely two people!)

  • At nap time a week ago, I heard Collin but it wasn't on the monitor like normal... it was more clear. He was standing at the top of the stairs. I walked over to the bottom of the stairs and saw him standing there. I told him to get back into his room and started up the stairs (since though he can obviously get out of his crib, getting back in is not as easy). The moment my foot hit the first step, he was off! Lighting speed, giggling the whole time. This happened another two times. Oddly enough, Oliver, who was left behind, did not cry like he normally would when he is left behind anywhere. No, instead he waited quietly. Our speculation is it was a scheme they devised together to get out of nap. Collin to Oliver: "You stay here, I'll make the break. You know how old they are and how much they hate going up and down the stairs. I'll wear them out and they'll give up and let us out of nap. Plan?" After they high fived and did whatever secret handshake or pinky swear thing they might have, Collin began execution of the plan. The result: after three separate chases, we gave up and they got out of nap.

  • Saturday morning at 6:25 AM, in our half asleep state, we heard Collin say "Hey!" and then Ethan's voice. When I realized how early it was I jumped out of bed to see what was going on and to, more importantly, try to get everyone back asleep. I found Collin in Ethan's room. He hopped out of bed and went into Ethan's room to say "hey!" apparently. Now here's the thing, Collin is our sleeper! He is NEVER the first of the twins up and rarely the first of the three boys awake. But yet here he was at 6:25 AM bright eyed and cheery wanting to wake everyone up. I shuffled him back to bed... no luck. He was up to stay. And now that he can get out with absolutely no trouble, it's futile to even try more then once to get him back to bed. Sigh...

    Have I mentioned that we are in so much trouble before? We are.

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