Thursday, December 3, 2009

Lesson learned...

Okay, quick lesson. When making cream cheese frosting, never ever put the powdered sugar in last and then turn the mixer on medium high. Why? Take a look:

The powdered sugar literally exploded out in a big puff that stretched a 10 foot radius, which included me. (if I was going for cupcakes sprinkled with powered sugar then they couldn't have been more perfect looking... unfortunately I wasn't)

In my defense, it was late, I was tired and well, I'm not always the sharpest tack...

This gruesome scene (which is not as well depicted in the photo as it was in person) happened last Monday night while I was making birthday snack and the Thanksgiving feast dessert for the next day. The whole night of baking was actually much like this one incident, a comedy of issues. I stopped at the store to get the last items to make Ethan's birthday snack AND the Thanksgiving feast pumpkin dessert that I was signed up for by my son. While the twins were getting a bath, with Ethan's help, I started the dessert - pumpkin crunch Wendy (my special recipe) - which Ethan requested. At that time I realized that they (the kids and Ms. Erin) ate eggs that day and I didn't have enough for his birthday snack. After the twins were in bed, I ran to the store for trip two. When I got back I read to Ethan, tucked him in and started on birthday snack - pumpkin cupcakes per his request - which take forever to make (but I love him bunches, so I dove right in). At 11:05 pm I had the powdered sugar explosion noted above. It was late, as I said, and I was tired... first I was mad, then I laughed, then I afraid that Steve would come up from the basement (where he was watching the football game) and see it (and give me a hard time, then complain about being up all night cleaning it - you know it's true Steve). I hand vacuumed and washed the hard wood three times... it was still sticky. Steve still made fun of me (mainly because we found sprinkles of powered sugar for days in places you would never suspect) and still ended up cleaning it himself as well. After the cupcakes were frosted and put in the refrigerator, I realized that I forgot juice (when you have snack you have to bring juice)... and napkins. Tired and cranky, I went to the store once more, this time in my black satin trench coat and pjs (oh yea, I wasn't about to get dressed - it was 11:30 pm!)... and still partially covered with powdered sugar. I was pretty sure my mommy license was going to be revoked that night.

The cupcakes and pumpkin dessert were both hits though, so it was all worth it. It was worth it just because I know how much Ethan loves pumpkin anything and it was his special day times two (birthday snack and Thanksgiving feast).

That said, I'm not going to lie here... at the end of that long night the "they better all love these desserts!" words did cross my mind, maybe once (okay a few times). Especially since the other items on the sign up sheet for Thanksgiving feast were things like: lunch meat, bread, cheese, crackers, fruit, plates, napkins, etc. I could have had it easy with just birthday snack and a simple bought item for the feast, but no, I got birthday snack AND pumpkin dessert too - the ONLY item for the Thanksgiving feast that had to actually be made (and they really did as there are two food allergies in the class so store bought baked goods are won't work). And both items, specified by Ethan, were homemade only anyhow. The pressure, the time, the loss of sanity (I know, I don't have much left)! And we all see how miserably I did. But thankfully, Ethan said he loved his birthday snack cupcakes and the moms all commented on how good the pumpkin dessert was ... and I felt better about my botched night. Nonetheless, lesson well learned.

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