Tuesday, December 29, 2009

I had a dream...

...that I might actually be able to take cute photos of the boys. What a silly, silly, silly dream. Three boys which consist of a five year old and twin two year olds... really, what WAS I thinking?

Steve and I took the boys to a local park Sunday evening, which I know in the past has had a beautiful sleigh all decorated with plants and bows and all. I had this dream of getting the boys standing next to it looking all cute and having some really nice Christmas photo of them. Well, the sleigh was not there... and the boys did not stay still for more than a nanosecond the entire time. Without Steve, in fact, I would have lost one of them as there was always one running off somewhere (fortunately this is a park that has one parking lot, so cars were not a concern) down one of the many garden paths.

See the speed?

Steve, I think, actually thought we could get a good photo too. I even decked them out in cute sweaters thinking I could slip their coats off for a few minutes (it was very cold) while they posed all cute for me... but that was just not even in the cards (if we could catch them to get it off, we would never catch them to put it back on). I even thought that if I said "smile" that they would smile a real smile, even given the fact that they never do any other time, especially Ethan. Case in point, "Smile pretty Ethan"...... uh... no comment.

In the end, these two are the best of what I got (yes, nothing basically)... Other than my huge photo disappointment, the boys had a fabulous time running and running and running, oh and running some more. Lots of giggles, exploring and smiles. And that, is really what it's all about. Wish I could make photos from the images I captured in my memory today - to share with all of you.


The Kothe Clan said...

I am taking the twins for pictures tomorrow. I am already dreaming that we will get one nice shot of both of them not only looking at the camera, but also smiling. Chances of this happening, slim to none, but I have to try try try!

The Kothe Clan said...

I got a total of 3 smiles today and none of them were at the same time. Mine are not even moving yet! Oh well. I am experimenting with the attachment for the mixer. I asked for it for Christmas after seeing it on your blog. I am ready to make applesauce.

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