Monday, December 28, 2009

Christmas... again

The day after Christmas Christmas...

Presents and kids galore!

Oliver stealing Chex Mix (he and Collin were quiet, nimble and quick with their stealing missions).

'Couzind' Isaac stayed afterwards to play with Ethan, something that greatly excited Ethan, as all the younger kids took naps.
After about a half hour of playing, they informed me that they needed a snack. I asked them what they wanted. They looked at each other and smiled 'the smile' and Ethan said "something sweet!" I said: "how about something..." and was quickly interrupted by "no, we don't want cheese and crackers." "how about carrots?" "NO!" "Hmmm, apple?" "No, we want cookies," they giggled with big dimply smiles. I convinced them to have applesauce first (my homemade unsweetened applesauce that is) and then we would discuss. And that they did... sorry Amy... I caved. They were just too darn cute and who are we kidding... all days surrounding Christmas are almost lost causes to practical eating. Aside from how this photo may look, I did put a limit on the sweets. They actually had a yogurt covered pretzel and a cookie each.

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