Thursday, December 24, 2009


I picked up a bunch of inexpensive wood ornaments for the kids to color. Though they all have had some fun, I have learned it is more age appropriate for Ethan so he has been the one to color the most.

Ethan has decided that they needed to be gifts for his friends and family (now I wish I had bought many more). In such, he is taking great pride and time in coloring in each one perfectly (during the hours that his brothers are napping, otherwise we have markers all over the wall, floor and ourselves... those little buggers are fast). He talks to himself and me while doing this and I have to tell you I enjoy that just as much as how hard he is working on them. Like yesterday, when he colored a couple more, he decided he was coloring one for his cousin Isaac and his friends Nick and Andy. While coloring the one for Isaac he said he could not use pink because Isaac would not like any pink on his ornament. Really? However, pink was okay for Nick. And the way he sits and decides who he will give each design (tree, santa, snowman, reindeer, etc), funny. Sigh... this is a fun, fun age.

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