Saturday, December 5, 2009

Christmas outside

Sunday afternoon, while Steve and Ethan were playing with his new toys, I decided to put up the Christmas lights. Of course half of them didn't work, so off to Meijer I went and managed to snag the last four sets of multi-colored lights they had. They were literally flying off the shelf - no joking. Like I said, it was a nice day. When I got back, Ethan decided he wanted to help me. It took us a while and when I got to the prickly shrubs I gave him a break. He took that time to hop onto and into the big snow globe box and ask me a million times to guess where he was and to get him out.

His friend Andy, whose mom Kris was out putting up lights too, wandered over right before we put up the snow globe and asked to help. With my two little helpers, we got Charlie Brown and Snoopy up and sledding in the snow. They oooo'ed and awww'ed over it once it was blown up. For a while. Oliver is constantly running to the window and saying "look, Charlie Brown is out there!" Which to be honest, is why we have it. As far as decorating outside, or inside for that matter, I am simple and and traditional. However, since I met Steve and Lauren, that changed. Because those oooo's and awww's over things like inflatable holiday lawn decorations or colorful lights are what drive your decorating. Don't get me wrong, it's all still pretty simple and I am not looking to go all out with things everywhere and win contests, but I was just reflecting on how I used to decorate way back when and how it's completely changed. And probably more importantly, how much I like the reason for that change.

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