Saturday, October 10, 2009

Taking the twin thing too far...

Today on our way to Ethan's soccer game, walking along the side of the school to the soccer fields, Oliver face planted into the pavement. It was not pretty, both his screaming and the scrape/bump on his forehead. But, he got over it and went on to cheer his brother and his team to yet another horrid defeat... er... annihilation (just telling it like it is people).
Then on the way out to our car after the soccer game, Collin face planted into the pavement in the same general area. Unfortunately for him, it not only included a scrape/bump on the forehead, but also a scraped nose and a little on his face. When I saw it happening - in slow motion as these all do - and then heard the thud I swear I thought a tooth would be gone - but thankfully, not yet.

So, actually, Collin one upped Oliver. Seriously guys... already?

BTW, they look much worse in person then in these photos... poor little guys.

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