Sunday, October 25, 2009

Fall festival and friends

Today we went to a fall festival at our friend's (Jen and Jeremie) church. It was a ton of fun. Steve and I were talking about just how much fun the boys had. There were bounce houses, decorate your own cookies, balloons, horse riding, a firetruck, food, hayride, pumpkins (and you could decorate them too) and some other stuff.

Ethan's favorite thing was the bounce houses he said. I was thinking it might be the decorate (and EAT) your own cookie but I was wrong. The twins also liked the bounce house. Collin got brave in the one with the giant slide and climbed up, many times. He was definitely a bottle neck in the line of kids clamoring to get up there, but he was just oblivious to their frustration as he smiled his biggest smile and giggled. We did have a hard time getting them to understand that they could not stand at the bottom of the slide and try to crawl up or laugh at the kids at the top, because those kids needed to come down. Amazingly enough, the only injury in that department was when Collin came down the slide and bumped into Oliver - so caused by themselves and not another child. Oliver has a nice little bump on his forehead - the hit it was much harder than I thought it was. Otherwise, they all LOVED the bounce house.

Second to that, I think, were the balloons. Nothing fancy, just helium latex balloons on a string. Huge hit. Who knew? Collin even tried to say balloon several times. Came out a little like "boon", but all things considered we were ecstatic! I may just have to buy a helium tank and some balloons if it motivates a word like that!

Playing balloon bash - of course they're boys - bashing would be involved.
Collin was completely cracking up as his neighbor friends, Jonathon and David, pretended Collin's balloon was hitting them and then they fell over. Collin was laughing so hard it was contagious!

He kept plopping himself on the floor of the outside shelter... the dirty floor that is... and of course look at that photo (perfect pose and face)... now if only he would do that in a scenic place!

Ethan, always with a goofy face... sigh...

Oliver playing with his balloon.

They also had a bake sale for Matthew (to help with his medical bills since he was dropped from insurance in May). So, you know I had to do my part there... pumpkin crunch (freaking yummy) and chocolate chip cookies.

It was also nice to get to visit a little with our friends. And Matthew was too cute. He was in a great mood and smiling so much.
Someone gave Matthew some presents. Two of the items were the Harry Potter like glasses he is wearing and the turkey he is holding. How cute does he look in those glasses?!

I know I have said it before, but I just love fall and all the fun events that go with it!

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