Monday, October 12, 2009

Fall fun-a-palooza

Yesterday we had our annual neighborhood outing to the pumpkin patch. It was a beautiful day, which brought out tons of people, but we still managed to all get on the same hay wagon. In fact, we filled it, with all 17 kids and some nine adults.

Here are some photo highlights:

Discovery of kettle corn. We could not stop it, all the kids were eating it. And once they started, we could not stop them (it was THAT good).

Ethan on the hayride.

The twins on the hayride.

Our attempt at getting all the kids into a photo.

We couldn't get Oliver to stop crawling on the pumpkins. He screamed when we left.

Collin picking a pumpkin.
Afterwards, everyone came back to our house for some more fall fun.

We had pumpkin bowling:
Apple (under the chin) pass:
Sack races:
Apple bobbing:
Collin stuck his entire arm in.
Paint a pumpkin - which somehow I didn't get photos of this.

Paint each other (unplanned activity):

We also had a pot luck dinner with lots of yummy food. After which, the kids did their final and by far favorite fall activity:

Frost and create a pumpkin face cookie with m & m's, mini marshmallows, candy corn and chocolate chips. You can just imagine what that resulted in!

Now, to burn off some of that sugar high... football with the dads...
By the end of the night, around 6 pm, Collin was just falling on the ground, as if to say "I can't walk another step mom." He was so tired, happy, but very tired.
Oliver and Ethan, on the other hand, were still bouncing around fully wired. All three passed out pretty quickly. Oh okay, Steve and I crashed quickly too.

What a great fall fun day. I love fall!

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Tricia said...

Looks like you had a great, fun day!

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