Monday, October 5, 2009

I did a bad thing...

And I feel the need to come clean. I am after all always talking about how healthy I feed my kids... with some bumps and treats along the road of course.

Last Friday I was home with the kids on one of my lovely unpaid days (which I have grown to love for the extra kid time alone). I unfortunately had stayed up way, WAY too late reading, assuming that I would get to sleep in. For me, that means past 5 am, which you wouldn't think would be too hard... right? Well my men both old and young woke me up at 5:30 am and the rest is history as far as sleeping that day.

I was really tired and to add, it was gray, cold and very rainy that day. I just couldn't find my motivation nor energy. I decided that the one TV show was going to be immediately and I was hoping to just lay on the sofa with a kid or two or three on me snuggling. No such luck. Normally they will at least watch the show, but not this day. No, they ran around and were as ornery as ever... first thing in the morning even. So, I tried a second show which I thought would for sure be a sit down and watch - Little Einsteins. Hey, sometimes you need a two TV show day... just saying. Still, they were bouncing off the walls. Of course, this day. It was just one of those days.

Ethan asked for eggs for breakfast and so I decided to cut a heart in pieces of bread and cook an egg in the center. The "awwww" and happiness factor is high on that right? Guess who burnt them? Yep, me. Toasty black. How? I really don't know other than it was just one of those days. We of course did not have any more eggs, those were the last. As I spent far too long rotating from the pantry to the open refrigerator, staring at the abyss of nothingness left while the boys gathered around me wondering where their breakfast was and getting grumpy about it... the light bulb went off. Donuts. We need donuts. What rough day does a donut not make better? Correction... what bad day does a Krispy Kreme donut not make better? Oh yea, the big guns - KK. Yes, the king of all bleached enriched fried dough covered with glaze and icing creations. So, what did I do? I gathered the boys, ran them out to the mini van in the pouring down rain and we were on our way to the Krispy Kreme drive through in our pajamas. Yes, in our pjs. And no, it isn't that close, but again, it was one of those days.

Now as you know Collin just recently had his first donut - a chocolate glazed Timbit at Ethan's soccer game. But he had never had a Krispy Kreme donut, nor Oliver any donut. Ethan has though - the pumpkin face donut from last halloween. When we got back, soaked and hungry, I let the boys pick their donuts. What? Why make a conservative decision now? (yes, I photographed it. I need proof that I didn't sneak greens into every food they ate! plus you should have seen their faces! And yes, I got a dozen, it was cheaper and more economical... that's my story and I'm sticking to it!)Collin picked the bavarian cream filled donut. He ate about half of it.
Oliver picked the chocolate iced glazed donut - by far the richest (even I am sick after eating one of those - but they are so good). He ate about a third at best.
Ethan picked the pumpkin face donut - which of all it was the least decadent as it was unfilled and only had icing on top. He ate it all... and licked the plate.
I am pretty sure that Ethan was saying a prayer of thanks here.

They of course had an apple and some milk to wash that all down... see not all bad. Surely that balanced out all the sugar in their system right?

The day felt better. The rain might have stopped, the sun might have even begin to show and there might have been a rainbow that ended on our kitchen table about then. I had some energy... well okay some of it was probably the extreme sugar high.

And then, as an extra thank you for the very special treat, the boys gave me this gift while I was upstairs getting dressed in my normal allotment of two seconds...

When I discovered it, Oliver was just finishing unwrapping the roll and Collin was calling France while splashing water all over the walls, floor and his clothes. The above was the scene after I grabbed my camera.
Don't you love the hand... he so knew he was busted... it reminds me of a cover shot on one of those horrible celebrity magazines you see in the check out when someone is captured falling from grace.

And of course, Oliver ran lightening speed with the paper all round the house. I mean I chased him, but... well... like I said... it was one of those days.

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