Saturday, October 24, 2009

Pumpkins, goats and teenage parties - oh my!

Tuesday was Ethan's preschool's field trip to the pumpkin patch. I was lucky enough to get to go along with him. It is a lot of fun for me to see him interact with his classmates. He was kind of shy at first, since it was a different environment with parents and all, but then he was all about having fun with them.

We went on a hayride.
Searched the field for a pumpkin and a gourd.
Seriously, I cannot get him to just smile a natural smile anymore.

Saw their farm animals, which consisted of goats, hens and a four week old jersey cow that was so cute you just wanted to kiss it!
Went through the straw maze barn... five thousand times...
Slide down a gigantic and very fast slide.
Okay, seriously, does anyone else feel like the statement: "you might be a redneck if..." should/could be used here... look at that slide.
Oh yes, it was a mega fast slide with a "THUD" landing, but the kids just popped up and ran to go again (and again and again...), all while rubbing their sore behinds.

Played in a corn box (alternative to a sand box).
I also found a ton (okay, seven) more cheese pumpkins to make more puree and they were seriously cheap! Woo hoo!

After the pumpkin patch, Ethan and I picked up Ms. Erin and the twins and headed to the zoo. My intent was to go to the petting zoo and ride the train, both which are in the North America area of the zoo which the twins really haven't spent much time in (we always go to the West Zoo first). Unfortunately the train is no longer operational during the week, so we didn't get to do that.

They did however spend a good deal of time petting goats, trying to brush goats, hugging goats, oh and of course the inevitable picking up that cool looking brown marble... I, of course, probably looked like a fool as I was running and screaming "no, no, no.. put it down!" Okay, here's the thing to any of you zoo goers at the time - the twins still put everything, EVERYTHING, in their mouths. E.V.E.R.Y.T.H.I.N.G. That would include cool looking brown marbles that just magically appeared at their feet as they were standing next to a, now relieved, goat. The young keepers came and swept it up quickly, but from their faces I am sure they didn't understand the concept of everything going in the mouth and therefore my freaking out like a crazy screaming mom. By the way, I had to pry it out of Collin's hand. Probably the more I reacted the better he thought it was and the tighter he held it and fought me for it. ??? Then I lathered him up with baby wipes and sanitizer.
"Do you come here often?"

I swear this goat looks as if he is saying "seriously, they do not pay me enough for this gig!"

Oliver and Ethan having a long conversation with one of the goats.

Ethan and Collin loving on a goat. I honestly thought the photo was adorable, and it would be more so, if I didn't get the goat in such the angle I did. Sigh...

We actually got to see a lot of the zoo since no one was there. It was the perfect day too.

When we got home, Andy and Christopher came over to get Ethan to play. Later that night Ethan said to me:

E: Mom, I have to tell you something.

M: What?

E: Andy told me that when we are teenagers, we can have a party at his house!

M: Really? What will you do?

E: We're going to eat lots of ice cream and cake!

M: Really? That sounds fun. Are you going to do anything else?

E: Yes, play drums!

M: Wow.

E: But mom, NO GIRLS will be allowed. We discussed it.

M: Really? (giggling to myself)

E: No girls, just us guys.

Oh yes, I am definitely pulling up that previous post and also this one, when they become teenagers.

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