Thursday, October 1, 2009

Grandma got a laugh

Grandma Dee was in town for a conference on Wednesday so she stayed to see Ethan's soccer game. Now, I don't want you all to think that I am laughing AT the kids, more it is laughing WITH them. I mean, they are just so fricking cute and funny. This is their first year in soccer and they just haven't a clue.

Grandma Dee got to see bee hiving, wrong goal kicking, hand holding and an extra special bonus of Ethan putting his arms straight out and spinning in circles during the game. I'll be honest, I was just hoping he wasn't trying to turn into Wonder Woman... isn't that how she transformed? Hey, but if it would have helped... He did actually make contact with the ball a few times this game and he is starting to pick up on the game slowly.

Really, though, the bottom line is they all have fun, they are learning a sport and more importantly they are learning how to work together to accomplish a "goal." So, it's all good... and all very, very humorous.

In case you wondered, yes, Jacob and Ethan are still holding hands... a lot.

The boys kicking back and watching the game while eating their favorite Annie's cheddar bunnies (or should I say continuously raiding the bag of cheddar bunnies since we had snack duty that day).

Oliver giving Ethan pointers during a break. He is always our little parrot and Ethan's biggest cheerer - "Kick the ball Ethan!" "You can do it Ethan!" "Go Ethan!"

Grandma Dee with the boys (like I've said, it's impossible to get a good photo of all of them).

Thank you for coming to the game Grandma! We loved seeing you.

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