Monday, October 19, 2009

A five year old boy's teenage parties

My neighbor, Kris, sent me an email today, detailing a conversation she had with her son Andy. Andy, Christopher and Ethan are all within six months age of each other and quickly becoming the three amigos as of late. It was just too cute not to share.

Kris' recant of the conversation with Andy to Judy, Christopher's mom, and I:

Andy and I had a conversation in the car today that I thought you would both find funny.

Andy - Do teenagers get to live in their own house?
Me - No, they live with their mom and dad.
Andy - When do teenagers get to live in their own house?
Me - when they go to college.
Andy - Well, when me, Ethan, and Christopher are teenagers can we have a party at our house?
Me - What kind of party?
Andy - A night party.
Me - what kind of night party?
Andy - You stay up when it is dark and really late.
Me - what are you going to do at the party?
Andy - Eat lots of ice cream and cake .... and play drums.
Me - Yes, you can have that kind of party at our house.
Andy - Really! Can I tell Ethan and Christopher we can have a party when we are teenagers?
Me - Sure you can tell them next time you see them.


Ice cream, cake and playing drums. If only we have it that easy when they have their teenage all night parties. I think maybe I'll pull this blog post up at that ripe age and remind them of just what teenage parties consist of, you know, just in case they have other ideas by then.

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Tricia said...

Now that was funny!!!!

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