Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The hunt...

My neighbor, Dede (thank you!), had an Easter egg hunt at her house on Sunday. Since the weather didn't exactly cooperate, she had it in her house (double thank you!). It started in the basement, young children first, then continued upstairs. The boys all had a blast. I am not that good at taking photos of children in motion when time is of the essence and a stampede is about to occur, so the photos didn't turn out that well unfortunately.

Ethan lining up for the hunt, with his basket hat.

Oliver quickly scanning the room for more eggs.

Collin was obsessed with opening every egg he found. He loves plastic eggs - taking them apart, putting them together.

Ethan on the hunt.

Collin found chocolate in an egg and knew instinctively it must be something good, probably helped that other kids were happily unwrapping and eating these curious foil wrapped objects. We let him have one... okay two... but he insisted. Now, I am trying to recall... I don't really think that he has ever had chocolate before. I thought never, but he might have had an M&M around Christmas maybe?? He definitely has not had a tiny Recces Peanut Butter egg before though... it was good.

Collin with his chocolate face.

Ethan wanted to have a piece as well, which he did. Oliver could have cared less. The good thing, none of them suspect still that Easter baskets are typically filled with candy. I've even felt Ethan out this year on the sly, but it seems that since he has only had them at some Easter egg hunts he thinks that's the only time you get it. Last year our neighborhood had a candy free Easter egg hunt. So, really, even Ethan at five years old still doesn't really know.

Oliver playing the piano with Cameryn.

At bedtime I was asking Ethan what his favorite part of the day was and of course he said the Easter egg hunt with his friends. Thank you Dede!

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