Saturday, March 27, 2010

One of those days...

Today was one of those days. Wrapping up one of those weeks.

This week was our product training school at work, which I coordinate and also do some training. It is a huge time drain. Weeks of time draining to be specific. The week of is the worst. I am not at my desk, I am running around making sure everything is going smoothly and seamlessly and my least favorite part are the late nights entertaining. I know, they used to be fun, but now... I'm old, tired and would rather be home for bedtime stuff with the kids. Okay enough belly aching about that.

I, we, had high hopes for today (our first mistake). We hoped they would sleep in. Of course saying that makes it seem like they sometimes do sleep in... not the case... not on the weekend at least. Today was no exception. Shortly after getting up, Ethan wanted his Legos to build with so we obliged (our second mistake). Legos, simple enough right? Hours of fun, right? Not. The boys, all three, fought over the Legos. Not because there were only a handful, more because isn't it cooler when it's in your brother's hands? Of course it is. Steve looked at me at one point and said "let's just pack them up and get out of here." At first I didn't want to, I just wanted to try to relax and lounge and get something done. Then the fighting and whining became about everything... and at that point I said "let's get out of here!" We hoped that a change of scenery and fresh air would help the over all moods (blah, haa, haa... silly parents).

We decided to take the boys to the Lego Store in our area, which we hadn't yet been. Steve and I had been to the Lego Stores in Chicago and New York City, which is what we envisioned (third mistake), thinking we would wander around the store of cool Lego sets and enjoy ourselves. Of course our Lego Store is at a very busy outside mall, which naturally had very limited parking which we had to search for like prey. Getting to the store was no small feat, as we were the farthest point from the store once we got parking, didn't remember the stroller and had two little two year olds that did not want to either hold our hands or be held... fun times.

Anyhow, when we got to the store it was wee little. Ridiculously tiny. Maybe even more so because it was wall to wall people. WALL TO WALL. We lost Collin twice, Oliver once and Ethan once (not really lost, they took a couple steps and there were so many people we couldn't see them, regardless it was so stressful). It was not a leisurely wander, it actually resembled being at the stores when they opened the day after Thanksgiving. Not exactly what we thought.

This was a rare second where it was just them at the building table... and I wanted to capture the fun in a photo... it lasted mere seconds.

Ethan trying to build a Lego person. There were no less than a dozen kids around this table meant for three kids tops, all grabbing at the body parts at the same time. We love Legos in this house, so I am going to refrain from any more comments about that store experience and what I thought of it...

Once we left, we went a few other places and then just decided the twins were too tired as they were either running from us or melting down. When we got home, close to dinner, I made homemade pizza, which Steve had been asking for the last few weeks (we hadn't had time). Ahhh, homemade pizza, that will save the day right? (forth mistake) Right as I was getting ready to put toppings on and pop it into the oven, the heating element in our oven caught on fire. Yes... FIRE. I handled it well... "STEVE! STEVE!! STEVE!!!!!!!" What? It was a rough week, what did you expect me to do - be a quiet ,calm, composed person?? Come on.

Needless to say, the heating element, once we stopped the fire (thankfully we didn't need to call the fire department - THAT would have been the topper), broke in two. One hour of pizza dough making and rising all for not. We just looked at each other in amazement... given our week, day and other events as of late.

That was the icing on the cake of the day, for sure. I should tell you, we have been microwave free since Christmas Eve... the day it stopped working. With the other things we had going on, we decided to make due without and though we have hit some painful, longing-for-a-microwave bumps along the road, it hasn't been too horrible. But now no stove too?! (there is no way we are plugging that thing in until we get a replacement... and maybe have someone look at it.... it was scary... we are not sure there isn't more than the oven heating element gone bad.) Seriously??! I have read about the raw diet and have heard all the benefits and though I have been willing to dabble in it partially for my family's health, there is no way they will go for that full time.

Sigh... so the kids got to bed an hour late... and Steve and I just want to crumble into bed as well. Do you think there is any chance of the kids sleeping in tomorrow? Yea, I don't think so either.

It was just one of those days, ending one of those weeks.

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Anonymous said...

I know those weeks. We really need to get out! Hope this week is better for all of us.

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