Sunday, March 28, 2010

Sock Bunnies!

We braved it (if you knew the no napping condition of my house, you would truly understand the "braved" part) and created a really cute Easter craft today: sock bunnies. I have seen this craft several times over the years and a few times so far this year. I thought they looked too cute and easy not to make this year, so I gathered up my supplies and we gave it a try. They did pretty well... with a few blimps from the no napping tired two year old boys.

We only did two, refer back to comment above, but they really loved them.

The blue one is the baby bunny and the cream one is mommy bunny (she's a lop eared bunny).
Their psychedelic tails...
As it turned out I didn't have the craft stuff I thought I did, so we did a lot of "making due" on several items. The neon tails, though, the boys loved... all is well that ends well.

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