Monday, March 29, 2010

Reforming the snack lady

So, this is Easter week and guess what? I do not have snack on the day closest to Easter!!! Woo hoo! Someone read my posts and didn't give me another holiday!! I do, however, have it tomorrow which of course is not any typical day... it's "Experience the Arts" day at Ethan's preschool. Basically, an art show. In my mind, my crazy, warped, over-thinking, silly-worrying, over-doing and over-thinking everything mind, that still begs a cool snack... and thus mommy pressure. Come on, it's an art show! You need hor' dourve like snacks right? Right?! You can't have just any old snack for an art show, that would just be wrong. (yes, I know, I have a sickness with no cure.)

I think I came up with an idea that meets my sick need to make cool snacks (that, admittedly, probably only I think are cool or good), but doesn't require me to bake (which is good because our oven is DOA at the moment... oh right... and the whole 'I am not that good of a baker, rarely anything ever turns out' thing). I know, I know, I said I would buy it... and make it look like I made it (don't judge me... it's mommy pressure)... but this idea was simple, yet maybe cool, and somewhat art show hor' dourve like (just give me this one). Ethan and I made fruit and cheese skewers. Separate of course as 'you can't have fruit touching the cheese mom... geez... and my friend C doesn't like cheese anyway... so they need to be separate.'

Ethan designed the fruit skewers and I made the cheese skewers. I say Ethan designed them because this actually turned out to be a great snack for many reasons: (A) it's healthy, (B) it's simple, (C) he thought it was a cool idea and (D) he wanted to "design" each skewer, giving it its own unique pattern. No kidding, every one of them is different. He loved it.

So, you see, you can reform a crazy snack lady... a little... hey, I refrained (okay, more like fought the incredible urge) from cutting the cheese into cool shapes with little cookie cutters (like I did for the Halloween snack) before I put them on the skewers... that's progress right?

In case you are wondering or worrying, yes, I cut off the sharp ends.

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Anonymous said...

Great idea, especially the cookie cutters. And yes, I was thinking to myself what about the sharp skewer! Too funny.

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