Friday, March 19, 2010

Curses to you double stuff oreos!

Tuesday was Ethan's St. Patrick's day lunch/party at preschool. The lunch theme was "rainbow." Cool, I can do that. On the sign-up sheet, we had orange - carrots of course. I can think of a billion things to make a rainbow lunch - can't you? Fruit, veggies, cheese, etc.

At work, I received a text from Erin after picking Ethan up from school. It read: "Ethan is sitting here and we were talking about his day. I asked him what he had for lunch, the words of Ethan: 'I had the best lunch!' I said you did, what was it? He said: 'I had double stuffed oreos. Ms. Erin, those things are good. I love school lunches.'"

Meaning, of course, that he gets all this "super good" food when they have these lunch parties versus when mom packs his lunch.

First of all, when did black become a color of the rainbow? What am I missing??

Second, what a way to foil all my good doing. The first ingredient is sugar, the next fifty are different types of oils, then artificial coloring and the very last ingredient is chocolate. Really? Okay, I love the things too, but I was hoping I could hold off on him eating one for a while... it only takes one bite after all, as the saying is true: love at first bite.

At dinner that night, I was asking him about his lunch and sure enough the oreos came up. He lovingly described them in detail to me.

He still ate one of my homemade whole wheat (with wheat bran too) fig & date filled cookies for dessert... though not with quite the same enthusiasm or excitement as he did before an Oreo touched his lips...

Curses to you double stuff oreos! Curses!

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Tricia said...

Jonah would probably throw one of those fig cookies at my head.....LOL

I'm sure Ethan even dreamt about the Oreos.

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