Saturday, April 3, 2010

Coloring eggs with family

We went to Grammy and Papa M's house today for a little Easter celebration. They hid eggs for hunt after lunch, which almost never happened since Collin could hardly help himself from finding them all before we ate. It appears that last weeks egg hunt stuck with him and he knew to expect some chocolate..and sure enough to his glee he found it. (I am wondering what he will think tomorrow when the Easter bunny leaves eggs filled with raisins, cars, stickers, stretchy frogs and the like...instead of chocolate... hmmmm...)
Collin was all about the eggs and what was inside. He also loved the big "hiderman" (Spiderman) egg.

I didn't get any great photos of the hunt, again, this week. I did get some cute photos of them coloring eggs though.

The boys helping the boys color eggs.

I am not sure if it was finesse or balance, but Ethan had his hand up most of the time.

They loved the cat. He only made a brief visit to see what was going on, then grammy saved him, uh I mean "he went night night." The whole way home Collin said "titty tat ent nigh nigh." In an old Lego set that they had, Ethan found a Lego person that looked like Robin Hood, which he immediately called Green Arrow (he even had a bow and arrow - it was a very cool Lego guy I must say). He managed to talk them into letting him keep it, which is why Ethan's Easter basket full of eggs (he put it in an egg) was never far from him. Ever.

Collin loved this Jack in the box. He got papa to do it with him and then Aunt Lisa (below) too.

Oliver playing with his new Batman sticker coloring book. He loves stickers!

Lounging with Uncle Ben, or as Oliver calls him, Hunka Ben. Ethan was actually relentless with Ben questioning him on all things Superhero. When Ben got it wrong, he would correct him. Poor Hunka Ben.

Snuggling with dad.

We also learned a very valuable lesson about chocolate and the twins: they can't handle a lot of chocolate. Collin had the most, as I said he was all about finding the eggs with the shiny foil wrapped things inside. Grammy also had a basket of different chocolate on an end table which Collin found quickly and began slyly stealing chocolate. All in all, he probably had four pieces, five if you could the cookie with candy in it that he had. Considering he has never really had candy until last weekend, that was a lot. A LOT. Oliver probably had three pieces. Ethan maybe two. Collin and Oliver were bouncing off the walls, both there and when we got home. Add that to no nap (= very tired) and whoa... it was a sight to see. By 7 PM (early bedtime) Collin was snoring... loudly. Poor Oliver was still on his high however, undressing himself three times and talking to himself for an hour. Poor little dudes. Ethan, though he had only two pieces, also had cherry pie which he devoured and was up multiple times the night before, he too was out cold within minutes.
It's a good thing they think candy only comes in plastic eggs (twins) and Ethan thinks it's only a special occasion thing. Those are the only times, when all the treats are around and people are eating them, that they get some of those items (like candy). For as hard as I try to give them only whole, fresh, healthy food, I can't forbid them these treats when everyone else is eating them... at least not at the knowing age they are at now... they will want it all the more. I think the next candy holiday is Halloween... and I am glad it's a LONG way off.
After their sugar high today, I am kind of wondering if they will wake up with a chocolate hangover tomorrow morning...


Tricia said...

Gotta love candy.....

Anonymous said...

A fellow co-workers kid received a life size chocolate easter bunny. I am guessing the site of this would probably kill you! Looks like you had fun.

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