Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Ethan's Ethan

Ethan's preschool sent home a big roll of yellow paper last week. When you unrolled it, an outline of Ethan was found. His homework: cut your shadow out and decorate it however you want to reflect you. I'll give you one guess as to how he chose to decorate it, if you fail this is clearly your first time at this blog. Yes, a superhero. But, which one. Now that is harder, he changes favorites everyday. This particular day it was Robin.

He and daddy got to work creating a life size Ethan dressed up as Robin. Daddy drew the shapes on construction paper and Ethan cut them out and helped tape them on. He also colored in shoes and face, glued on his hair and cut the entire thing out. Impressive:

I still cannot get him to smile normally... everything is animated. I think he was saying "I'm Robin, boy wonder" during this photo. And yes, those are batarangs in Robin's hands. He wouldn't be complete without them. Of course.

When Oliver saw it, he said: "That is cool! That's a cool Robin."

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Anonymous said...

He did an amazing job!

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