Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The tiny torturer

You all recall the girl fight story from a few weeks back? The story about how Collin is taking everything from Oliver, which is kind of pay backs for when Oliver did it to him? Well, Oliver has decided to take matters into his own hands in his own little way.

Steve and I always muse about the fact that they really don’t play together all day long, but then at night it’s like they are best buds. During the day, it’s mostly parallel play or Collin taking something from Oliver. However, they get into bed and they just talk and play and laugh. Steve says it’s like they are up there saying “Hey man! I saw you in the family room earlier today, how was your day?” For quite a while we hear the talking, giggling and carrying on from the monitor… and we laugh.

However, Collin is our sleeper… he loves to sleep. Oliver, much like everything else, is the opposite. He could sleep for five minutes and then bounce up and be okay. Not Collin. So, what we find is that Collin gets to the point where he just wants to sleep. He gets so tired that he just lays on his blanket and wants to be left alone. He will even at times when we first put him down, if he is really tired, pick which crib he wants and then promptly transfer all of Oliver’s blankets to the other crib as if to say – get in your crib and leave me alone.

If they are playing though and Collin then hits his 'wall', Oliver doesn’t stop. We are not certain if he just doesn’t yet get the cues or if he is using this time to torture Collin for taking toys from him throughout the day. But when we go up in response to Collin’s cries, we typically find Oliver sitting right in front of Collin (all up in Collin’s personal space) and either trying to take his binky right out of his mouth OR saying “ticka, ticka, ticka” and trying to tickle Collin. Oliver is laughing, Collin is crying. Steve has even found Oliver laying in a crib, holding his arm up in the air with Collin's binky in his hand... just giggling away... while Collin is just sitting there crying. Other times, we find Oliver sitting or bouncing on Collin. That's right, I said, ON Collin. Hmmmmm…
Oliver does it all with his sweet little contagious giggle and boundless energy. His feelings even get hurt when you tell him to stop with a stern voice. So, we still wonder… is it innocent or is it pay backs? What do you think?

One thing we are certain about, however, is that the next dynamic to this bedtime torture will be Collin helping Oliver [unwillingly] take flight…

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