Sunday, July 26, 2009

Is that the... I know how to...

It's just been a girl's night palooza around here this weekend - lucky mommy! I went out with Jen, Amy, Cathy, and Brenda last night. We went to dinner and a movie and had a great time.

But possibly some of the funniest moments were as we were going home. Since Jen and Amy probably didn't think I would do this... I SO am going to...

Jen thought she spotted the moon behind some trees... "Hey, is that the moon? I said... is that the moon??!"
We were thinking "Huh? One glass of wine and she thinks the that [a Shell gas sign] is the moon?"
And our driver, "I know how to get home" Amy... um... well... hmmmm... here you go Amy...
Edited for Jen (who didn't think I did it justice with the above alone - and rightfully so, it was pretty comical - and wanting someone to share the spotlight on blonde moments with her... sorry Amy!):

A: I know how to get home from here. Turn right here, right?
J and W: Um, no left.
A: I knew that... I am just turned around.
J: You know to get on 270 N up here, right.
A: Of course I do! (successfully getting onto 270 N... with some more assistance)
W: (from the backseat) Um, why are we in the 315 South exit lane?
A: Oh, um, I don't know... **ha, ha**...
J: Are you sure you know how to get home?
A: Of course.
W: (seeing the 71 north sign and exit quickly getting ready to pass) Um, Amy, you need to get over like now to go 71 north... um... if that is where we are going... (thinking, where are you taking us?)
J: Didn't you used to drive this route to and from work for a long time Amy??
A: Oh stop giving me a hard time! I know how to get home.
J and W: Uh huh... sure you do...

Ha! Great times and good laughs! Thank you ladies!

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Jen said...

Very funny... but I don't think you explained the Amy thing as well as mine! Nice pictures though... that's exactly what it looked like... THE MOON!

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