Sunday, July 5, 2009

The fourth

We went to the fireworks with our neighbor Karen and her son Ryan last night. We got there early, picked out a prime spot (thanks to the seasoned veteran Karen) and ate some dinner. The boys played a while, then a couple other neighbors and their kids came to join us. Then it became a big ol' kid fest of playing.

I would have had some great photos to share (and just to have myself), only I forgot my camera. All I had was my cell phone... and it was low on battery. So, this is what you get with just that...
Sparkler fun

Playing with a glow stick under the BIG umbrella (it drizzled most of the night).

This is actually a few kids... but all you can see is a couple glow necklaces.

Thank you for inviting us Karen! We had a great time!

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