Sunday, July 26, 2009


Okay, this falls under "it's just the small things..." category, but since this is a scrapbook as much as a blog, it's making it in!

At lunch today I was eating the salsa that my neighbor, Karen, made special for me... without cilantro (yuck!)... for the mommies play date Friday. Now, you remember my failed attempts to make salsa... it wasn't pretty. But Collin did eat it. Karen's is, however, much more oniony and garlicy than what I had made, though also all around better tasting too. So, when Collin expressed interest, I was skeptical, given the "bite" of it as typically Oliver is the only other one in the family that can handle any kind of "bite" in food. Collin loved it though. So much so that I gave him his own little bowl and chips. He went right to town dipping his chips into the salsa, scooping up mini mounds of salsa on his chips. Ever so delicately (which is not Collin at all) he did this until his bowl was empty... and then he wanted more. He and I were neck and neck for this salsa gold. Which means... I have a comrade in the house for salsa eating!!! The first ever! Woo hoo!
I have to say too, that it is so frigging cute to see a toddler dip his tortilla chips in salsa like a big boy!

Again, it's the small things people...

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Karen said...

That is too cute! Ryan and Aaron eat mine, too, when I leave out the serano peppers. We will have to plan a time where you come over and I teach you how to make it, and you can teach me more about organizing my blog!

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