Tuesday, July 21, 2009

We love Sandra B

The boys (and adults) in this house love the Sandra Boynton books... ALL of them. (Thank you Amy C. for starting our collection when Ethan was born.) One of their favorites is a very simple book called Blue Hat, Green Hat. Basically, it shows different animals putting on pieces of clothing only the turkey keeps putting his clothes on incorrectly... and so when it gets to him it says "oops!"

When the twins see that this book is one of their nightly stories, they get excited. Oliver usually starts saying "oops" almost immediately. Collin smiles and sometimes with jerk himself back a little when he hears the word oops, as we normally exaggerate it and that is his way of exaggerating it (since he isn't talking). Even Ethan, when he hears the beginning, will come running for it shouting "wait for me!" if he isn't already there. Suffice to say, it's loved.

Here is a video of Ethan reading the book to Collin and Oliver at bedtime...

This was actually not the first reading of the book that night, so Collin wasn't as animated as he was the first time it was read unfortunately. But if you look close you can see his smile through that binky. Oliver's excitement is obvious, as is Ethan's.


Karen said...

LOVE their squeeky little voices!!

Tricia said...

hey are so cute....I think we have every book now. : )

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