Saturday, July 25, 2009

Pool time with friends

Yesterday Aunt Tricia brought Jonah and Ainslee over to visit. After some debate (okay, not much), we opted for the gated deck instead of the open yard. We wanted them to have fun but come on, three of the boys are two and under... and did I mention boys (??!!)...we aren't crazy!

They had a blast! Here are some photos of the fun.

If you heard screaming around 3 pm-ish yesterday, no matter where you were in the country, not to worry... it was coming from here.... all four boys lined up at the gate and had a scream off. Our backyard has an echo, which made it all the more fun... for them... not for our neighbors I am sure.

Jonah looking very innocent inside the playhouse...
Collin really liked Ainslee a lot. He kept coming over and touching her and smiling.
Collin found a somewhat ripe strawberry in one of our strawberry pots and decided to eat it right off the plant...

All in all another great day of summertime fun, love the perfect summer weather this year. And another day of happy and tired children.

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Tricia said... didn't mention the slip, fall and Jonah on top of Oliver and not getting off. Oh was fun even if they didn't have thier naps. Must do it again soon.

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