Sunday, July 5, 2009

He'll try anything

I am pretty sure Collin will try anything. He may not always like it, but he wants to have anything you have and therefore will try anything. Today I ventured to make homemade salsa... which didn't go so well. It turned out a foamy puree (yes, I made a few mistakes which I have now discovered... live and learn). It didn't taste too bad, but yet it didn't taste all that great either.

As the processor started, Collin came running in knowing that sound meant food. He told me in his way that he definitely wanted some. And then some more. And some more. Since he has never had salsa before, I'm guessing he didn't know that it shouldn't look or taste like that. What good news for a chef who is mediocre at best!

Savoring a chip with salsa.

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