Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Who needs toys?

Like most parents, Steve and I have realized that kids can be happy playing for hours with most anything - especially unconventional non-toy items, but also some everyday household items. These items include, but are not limited to:

  • Empty plastic Easter eggs
  • Empty boxes of any shape or size
  • Paper - especially that of which we do not want them to rip
  • Lacing strings (Ethan thinks they are lassos - yes, a super hero thing)
  • Any string, loose or attached to something
  • Leaves
  • Laundry hampers - especially empty ones that they can knock over and get into
  • Anything in a cupboard or drawer - doesn't matter what
  • The bathroom sink
  • Light and ceiling fan switches (hours of fun!)
  • TV Remotes
  • Our cell phones (Collin called some lady last week on my phone then hung up... she called back to find out who it was... that was a fun conversation)
  • Our regular phone
  • Mommy and daddy's fragile mental state

And this $5 bookshelf... You would have thought it was the latest and greatest thing out right now, and that it would make them the envy of the neighborhood. Hmmm, Santa's making a new list this year...

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