Friday, May 8, 2009

Fun in the sun!

Last weekend we spent a lot of time outside. We went to the Relay for Life Family Fun Fest in Sunbury to support Team Matthew and cancer research. They had an inflatable bouncer and a giant slide. Both of which Ethan loved. The twins were too young for the slide at least. The bouncer would have been okay but there were a lot of big kids in there too. So, they strolled around with daddy until they decided they had enough.
On Sunday we took the kids to the park. This adventure takes two adults, but three would have been ideal. Oliver, the runner, spent the entire time running around... running down the path, running to the woods, running to the shelter, running across the playground, running into the parking lot... you get the picture.
This is the view we had of Oliver most of the day... the back of his head.

Collin on the other hand was content staying in once place, only that place was at the funky metal climbing thing on the BIG KID's playset. He insisted he could climb it... but he couldn't. He could get himself on it, he could move towards getting ready to go up it, however when wasn't able to accomplish the next bar he very quickly went into temper tantrum mode and threw himself backwards. Yes, while in the air... on the metal bars... he threw himself backwards! Of course I was right there with him, so he never got hurt. Which actually didn't help matters because since I saved him over and over, he felt invincible and more driven to try. If I took him away from it he screamed.

Ethan was quite a sport about the fact that his parents were both one on one with each twin. He climbed up all the metal monkey type bars to the slides, being quite the monkey himself. He had a blast. I was actually quite impressed at his fearless climbing... last year he would have nothing to do with it.

It was a fun weekend of running and playing in sun!

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