Saturday, May 23, 2009

Who needs a tiger, toucan or captain anyhow?

While I was getting ready this morning, the boys - big and small - at breakfast (Lauren was at a friend's). Afterwards, I went down to play with the boys while Steve got ready. I decided to get my bowl of dry cereal and eat it in the family room, knowing that the boys normally would want some. However, this was a new cereal and I wasn't really sure they would like it (which would have been good for me). No such luck. They not only liked it, but they devoured it... to the likes of which I have never seen.
As they normally do, when they see a bowl enter the family room (we don't do it often), they come a beggin'. Normally they get a bite and go on their merry way... maybe coming back for a second. This time, they took a bite and then immediately all three were crawling over themselves to get closest to the bowl (which meant crawling on top of me)... all six (yes SIX) hands were in the bowl... almonds, flax seeds and clusters were flying everywhere (I am NOT kidding people)... seriously it was like they hadn't eaten in a week, yet they had just finished breakfast... and within minutes the bowl was empty and they were all chanting "more! more! more!" Okay, Ethan was chanting "more," Oliver was crying and saying more and Collin was screaming "ahhhhhh grrraaaa!" and getting upset. I was a little afraid for my safety actually...

To that I say: who says you need to market to kids to get them to eat? Who says you need 'kid friendly' cereals loaded with sugars, artificial colorings and flavorings, containing little to no nutritional value? Who needs Tony the Tiger, Toucan Sam or Captain Crunch* to get their kids to eat? I'm serving up 500mg Omega-3, 9 g Protein and 8 g of fiber in my Honey Almond Flax Crunch cereal and my kids are eating it like it's candy.

Okay, okay... admittedly I am documenting this for the future because I am sure at some point they will go to the dark side and I just need it noted for all that they at least started out right. Preemptive strike on future mommy guilt...

*No offense Tony, Sam and Captain, the older folks in this house still have their weak moments about twice a year... please don't turn your backs on us... sometimes there's a need for sugar to be the first ingredient listed... just don't tell the kids.

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