Monday, May 25, 2009

Calgon... take us away!

(Am I aging myself?? Do they still even sell Calgon?)

Steve and I have been working hard on the house for a few weeks. This weekend was no break from that. We cleaned, which is normal but always a fun challenge to do with three little ones about and vying for your time. One of the many inside challenges was the ledge over the front door which has big vases (and gets really dusty). As you can see we had wanna be helpers for this job... it went well (yes, sarcasm).

Outside we did various things including power washing, sanding, painting and staining. It was a long weekend of balancing kids and projects, but we have made a dent in our to do list.

All we have to say is... do you think the baby monitors will still pick up the kid's noises at the pub up the street? We need a beer! Just kidding... on the pub and monitors... not the beer. And the Calgon...

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