Sunday, May 31, 2009

The nose dectective

Yesterday I had some tortilla chips when the boys were all in the family room... thinking I was being really sneaky. When I walked into the family room afterwards, Ethan came over to ask me something. He then said:

E: "What's that I smell?" *sniff, sniff* "I like that smell. Is it tortilla chips?"

M: "What are you talking about?" (very innocently)

E: "I smell something... and it's not a bad stinky smell, it smells good... like chips. Mom, is that chips?"

Besides him busting me, I think what cracked me up the most was his reference to the bad stinky part... as in our house of toddler boy butts... there are bad sticky smells... really bad stinky smells. But that he went as far as to qualify this smell just made me laugh out loud!
King of the cheesy faces (the eyes were on purpose... getting a serious smile is next to impossible).

Actually, Ethan has long been our nose detective... informing us when when there are diapers to change and whose it is, telling me whether what I am cooking smells good or bad and so on. When he was about 23 months old, he was introduced to chocolate - as in a piece of chocolate (Halloween). He liked it... he liked it a lot. One night after I read him books (about a week later), I called Steve up as always to tuck Ethan in with me. When Steve walked in, I immediately smelled a Reeses peanut butter on his breath and gave him "the look." The look because Ethan would know and want some. Steve bushed my look off mouthing that Ethan would never know. When Steve gave Ethan his hug and kiss... sure enough... Ethan said "I 'mell a specel teat daddy." Uh huh... busted! By a 23 month old!

His nose always knows...

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