Saturday, May 30, 2009

Ticka, ticka, ticka

Tickling is a favorite past time in this house... for and to the kids at least. At the beginning of May both of the twins started saying "ticka, ticka, ticka" and wiggling their fingers on and at us and each other so as to tickle. Fortunately for us, it doesn't really tickle (I hate being tickled... for many reasons... Aunt Becky and mom I am sure you remember why), but we laugh hysterically for them which of course they just love.

Here is a photo where I captured Collin tickling Ethan. He is very, VERY ticklish, so his uncontrollable giggles were real.

A very proud Collin after a successful tickle of his older brother and a very out of breath Ethan... but still asking "tickle me some more!":
Ethan tickling Oliver:
It is so cute when they tickle each other... you just have to see it (in person) to appreciate it.

1 comment:

Krissy said...

Can you get a video of this next time? It looks so incredibly cute that I have to see and hear it!

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