Saturday, May 9, 2009

Green secret exposed?

I tried a new popsicle recipe with my little green secret. This one was banana, pineapple and spinach. I kind of noticed in the last batch that there were little specks of green spinach leaves but the color of the final product was so reddish purple it wasn't obvious. However, when you take two light colored fruits that's a different story. According to the lady I got the recipe from, it was supposed to make the popsicles an "electric green" color... which it kind of did... but there were TONS of small pieces of spinach too. Still, you definitely cannot taste the spinach at all. I decided to freeze them and give it a shot. Okay, here's where my little secret gets a little worse... I might have told Ethan the green specks in his popsicle were... well... um.... sprinkles. Well, what was I supposed to do - tell him the truth?? 'That's spinach sweetie - eat it up.' Not gonna work. Plus, this is the kid that will not eat pizza cheese if he sees spices on it - like little bits of oregano or basil (which honestly is what it looks like in the popsicle), so I had to make 'the story' good. The result: he likes them. See, no harm done... right?
I now know why she recommends you get the Vita Mix Blender 5200. It takes whole fruit and vegetables and purees them finely so there are not pieces parts floating around. I did look at it when I first saw the recipes. It was quite impressive and seems to also be endorsed by Martha Stewart. Ooooo! I don't know what it is about her, but sadly if it's her 'good thing' I want it to be my good thing too. Why is that? Unfortunately, its price tag is equally impressive. For the cost, it should grow my fruit and veggies, wash them, cut them, blend them, and feed the kids the smoothies or popsicles itself! Or at the very least go the store for me to get the stuff! Come on Martha... couldn't you have gotten them to give us a better deal?? I don't need yet another market bag and what is Body + Soul magazine anyhow? I guess I won't be doing green smoothies. Little bits of green floaties... er I mean a frozen popsicle is different than little floaties in your drink.

Does anyone have one of these? Bet she's smiling because she got it for free and pays people to make her smoothies.

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