Saturday, September 25, 2010

The tooth fairy flies again...

Yes, it's true, she visited again. The evening of the first day of school (September 1st)... Ethan's teeth seem to fall out around his big school events. Honestly though, for this one, I suspect it had some help. My clues: It was loose, but not loose enough to come out yet. And the fact that Ethan came downstairs after being in bed for 15 minutes and said "Look mom, I lost another tooth! It only hurt a little when I pulled it out." (yes, I am a regular Sherlock Holmes.)

Big gap where bottom middle baby teeth were.

The silver tooth holder tucked safely between his beloved Floppy Bunny's arm and ear.

A very excited boy, getting ready to dream about the tooth fairy.

So, I am thinking I really need to get working on that chore chart and allowance system (I know, I know... I've meant to do it for a long time... I've just been at warp speed all year with too much going on...) so he doesn't resort to pulling out all his teeth just to get some cash.


The Kothe Clan said...

How exciting! What is that pillow type thing you have? I hope your weekend is better than your week.

Carrie Hurst said...

That's too cute! Just wait until he loses one at school...that's the COOLEST thing ever for my boys now. In fact, they'll hold onto the wiggliest teeth sometimes just to ensure it comes out at school. After all, I don't keep a stash of cool plastic tooth cases at home for them to place their lost tooth into...nor do we have a "who lost a tooth" chart for them to proudly post their name!

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